New York City

New York City

These streets give you so much energy!

You would walk for hours and not realize.

One of the few places on earth the ‘Corporate World’ and the ‘homeless’ walk side by side!

People are walking ‘stories’, different chapters in the grand library of LIFE. 

There is no “W’s ” no who, why,where you are going but only “We” are in NYC

From the islands to the big city, I was normally the one who watched the tourist “stick out like sore thumbs” and be amazed at my everyday life, “poor fools!”

Walking hypnotized by buildings, lights, flashboards and ocassionally knocking shoulders with people, it took me a minute to get adapted.

Friends leave their ‘signatures’ on your ‘story’ , as they helped shaped you into the person you are today!

‘People fade in and out of our lives so quickly, but their impact are everlasting”

Funny how we got a weird sense of a united world when we place our passports on the table side by side “Serbia, Barbados, Jamaica and I wont forget the American who took the picture!”

“Good friend and my current roommate from Zimbabwe,…. I know he’s royalty where he comes from but he wouldn’t admit it”

Next time I visit NYC it won’t be to walk around aimlessly site seeing but embrace the culture! I’ve promised to indulge in the arts, the museums, plays etc.  that’s the only way I would fully grasp the experience.

4 thoughts on “New York City

  1. Nice Brian …..I look forward to these Blog now ….they are showing me a different side of you and what you think of you experiences so far

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