It all starts with a new you

“Ever looked back on major events on your life that you would have liked to forget? Have you ever asked the question “why me?”

Especially when you had the power to alter the outcome of the situation. It’s even more scary when the events all correlate with your lifestyle and attitude. If this happens to you then its time for change!

I’m a business major and I was conversing with one of my colleagues Mike Calloway over dinner!/WesTruthLives  about ways to increase your income. He quickly whipped out a book he was digesting written from a jewish millionaire.”Couldn’t have chosen a better author and expert” I thought to myself.

But one simple equation stuck with me.

New you = old you + more money  thus

More money  = New you -old you

This concept can be applied to most aspects of life when it comes to personal aspirations and reaching your goals.

You can’t go exploring and discovering new worlds if you walk the same roads everyday. Then if you walk the same roads,  then there would be the same pot holes you’ll have step over, hopefully you don’t twist your ankle in them.”

Realizing your faults and vices gives you the power to make the decision for betterment. Realize your  bad habits and behaviours early before you “self-destruct!”

I’m lucky enough to come to grasp with a few of mine and I will try to keep them at bay, and I also have a 1st hand view on its consequences from family members. It won’t be easy  self- realization is difficult but it eventually leads to self -actualization .

“What a man can be, he must be”-Unknown Author

“Don’t dwell on mistakes and mishaps you’ll only magnify the negative impact it has on your life” 

“Bad judgment gives experience and experience makes a wise person.”I got this concept from a book I’m currently reading called ‘EntreLeadership‘ by Dave Ramsey.It is a business book, but also its inspirational to your everyday life since I believe being a businessman is a lifestyle.

Shit happens?….

Your car breaks down on the way to work or school; you get upset and swear at the car and even beat yourself up going on about how “unlucky” you are.

I believe you make your own luck. “Why did your car break down?”

  • You neglected your maintenance responsibilities?
  • You bought a 2nd hand  car and didn’t have it checked out before making the purchase?
  • Or you didn’t manage your money well in the past then resulted in you unable to maintain the car as it should or resulting in you having to buy the 2nd hand car.

 Freak accidents are another story but they still have very low probability. Our decisions in life has a ‘butterfly effect’, it may not be totally obvious at times but they do.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.- Isaac Newton

It’s one of the laws of motion, but it can also be applied to life. I love philosophy, you can’t teach it, it’s a way of thought, and you can’t teach someone how to think or analyze but only guide them.Philosophical thinkers are born not made.

“As we struggle to make sense of things,  life looks on in repose.”  

~Author Unknown

5 thoughts on “It all starts with a new you

  1. “New you = old you + more money thus, More money = New you – old you”

    In theory, it seems so easy on paper, now the real challenge comes trying to apply that. But it wouldn’t hurt having a filthy rich uncle.

    Good post, man…

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