15 comments on ““Never Enough”

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  2. Brian, Mr. Kirton, you have a deeply inquiring mind, bordering on brilliance. Your thoughts, as you have set them down, have inspired me today to look at myself. Thanks ‘Bro. You gave me what I knew I needed but didn’t know where to look! I am humbly grateful for your thoughts which have unlocked my own.

  3. “Maturity doesn’t necessarily correlate with years” … This is so true and your are proving it…
    Love your messages…Very impressive and needed for the young ones. Will try to pass on your message to as many youngsters, and not so young 😉 , as possible…. Keep it up and you just got new old follower. Hugs!

  4. I am impressed, certainly have learnt a side of you today that is quite refreshing. You have done well, keep up the good work brian 🙂

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