“Never Enough”

“He grows daily more capable of following any inspiration without technical effort, and also of letting inspiration come to him through meticulous observation.”-
Eugen Herrigel

Port.St charles, Barbados

Here I am enjoying my tropical paradise of a home, relaxing on the beach in”Port St.Charles”  with my two of my bestfriends Desroy, https://twitter.com/#!/Musiqdes , Romel https://twitter.com/#!/RomelSE, their girlfriends and my ex- girlfriend.

We all were contented, happy in the moment with our make-shift picnic consisting of K.F.C and a few beers! We literally were right by those coconut trees by the rocks in the image enjoying the simple but cheap pleasures of life, sharing jokes and basically being care free teenagers.

Desroy “looking on” photo courtesy of Analicia Lynch

Every once in a while we would imagine life in the villas right by the beach, and humourously calculated our only way at a peek at those multi-million USD luxurious properties would to be hired to “house-keep” in other words to be paid to live there while the owners are away to keep the house in “spic and span” condition. i.e…”vision with no direction is merely a dream”

We sat on the rocks admiring the clear water and how amazingly still it was in the port debating whether or not it was easier to drown in still water versus open ocean. “Some argument it was as no one planned on swimming anyway!”

Then here comes one of the biggest yachts I’ve seen leaving the port, weirdly it was only one person on it, a young man probably no more than 40, we all admired the yacht and then there was the name of this masterpiece that carved into my mind forvever!


Was the name of the yacht and obviously one of the life “mottos” of this successful man. He later passed right by us after a few minutes as if he just took his yacht out for fun! “I could see his ‘smerk’ from the back of his head and  taste the lobster and champagne he probably had for refreshments while watching West Indies Cricket.

Wow, I thought to myself as I immediately got the “message”.Don’t get it confused with GREED but simply a drive for success and knowledge. A business concept; if your business is not profiting and growing it is going backwards, never get complacent, you have to revamp your goals constantly.

COMPLACENCY: A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy.


This chart can be taken symbolically for your personal goals once you achieve them.

When you finally reach a goal in your life then you need to ask the question “What Next?!“Don’t get caught on the decline because you were too busy gloating or a had lack of vision!

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”-
Helen Keller

There are so many factors that contribute to this lack of vision and I know it is easier said than done. But to elaborate on them now will take this post longer than it was intended, so I’ll save it for another post! Horse Blinders

Sadly I’ve seen this happen to family members and it is so frustrating to think about at times. Simple minded people don’t go too far with just “hard work” without good vision and direction it would drain you physically  and mentally.

There is so much to learn if you just take a second to analyze your environment.  Especially family, I see it as “looking at the blueprint of your DNA to see what ‘diseases’ you are vulnerable to”,  then by all means create a cure through education and ambition.

This idea will help you further grasp the concept of self -realization to make steps forward to  self -actualization as I mentioned in the previous post. Shit happens?

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is very true, so this is why this aspect of your life should be so important!

No. 7: Create Multiple Flows of Income –simply because one is never enough…

7 Secrets of Self-Made millionaires.


Keep the ball rolling!

Nothing stays new forever and nothing stays young forever”

“Apple didn’t stop at the ipod…”

“success is NEVER ENOUGH”

15 thoughts on ““Never Enough”

  1. Brian, Mr. Kirton, you have a deeply inquiring mind, bordering on brilliance. Your thoughts, as you have set them down, have inspired me today to look at myself. Thanks ‘Bro. You gave me what I knew I needed but didn’t know where to look! I am humbly grateful for your thoughts which have unlocked my own.

  2. “Maturity doesn’t necessarily correlate with years” … This is so true and your are proving it…
    Love your messages…Very impressive and needed for the young ones. Will try to pass on your message to as many youngsters, and not so young 😉 , as possible…. Keep it up and you just got new old follower. Hugs!

  3. I am impressed, certainly have learnt a side of you today that is quite refreshing. You have done well, keep up the good work brian 🙂

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