” Walking with ‘horse blinders’ ?”

“The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision”-

Helen Keller

Horse Blinders”

One “horse blinder” is low self-esteem. This is an obvious blinder, “if you don’t think you can, you won’t”. People have self esteem issues for many reasons and it would be impossible to rationalize all of them or comment on this issue on how to overcome it. My only advice is to get therapy in relation to the most serious cases resulting from trauma or abuse but for the more trivial reasons *sigh*….man up!

Laziness  is another blinder for these people there is no hope. If they know better and still proceed to go about life nonchalantly there is not much you can do, these people love handouts and settle for mediocrity. Don’t get this concept twisted, I’m lazy on vacation, I’m lazy on sundays, don’t confuse it with the physical state when relaxing. Some people just can’t be bothered and I also witnessed the end result of this from a family member. *sigh*

Family sadly can be another “blinder” as for some people they follow in the footsteps of their parents and other siblings good or bad. When it is bad then this is when the problem occurs. Family is part of your self-concept if we want to admit it or not, one of my serbian teammates relayed some advice to me about women from his father. 

“When looking for a woman you must look at her whole family to really see if she is good for you and someone you want to marry!” –

Palve Udovicic 

It was more dramatic at the time with his  eastern european accent over a few beers, but you should get the idea! 🙂 It should illustrate to you how influential family is on your life. I mentioned realizing your vices for personal growth in https://brianandrekirton.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/shit-happens-or-does-it/

Cultural blinders are the most difficult to recognize. It affects and sometimes determines what is important to you. “It is cool to be dumb” and “being bad and permiscuous is more macho for males while vanity is more acceptable for females.” To be ambitious and reserved is to be “up-ity” or great these mindsets are crippling to progress.  Young people don’t try to mimic these superstars and television personalities too closely, they are paid to look a certain way. How they dress and present themselves is part of their marketing image. If you are not in the show business its not a good idea to tattoo your whole body or face. It’s not a good idea to wear different colour hair and make yourself an extreme fashion out-lier; for the simple fact your appearance does not pay your bills or get  a passing grade in college. Please be cautious on the message you send, especially now the casual and professional world are being blended even more today!

Imagine a ‘Rihanna’ with red hair walking into a law-firm  for an interview or at an accounting firm?”

“Imagine a ‘Lil’ Wayne’ shows up above you while your laying on your back with equipment ready to work on you at your next dentist appointment.”

I want to encourage early that you young persons break out this “monkey see, monkey do culture”.

Do you really think influential people and businessmen care about what is cool?  The socially awkward geek in the background laying below the radar making sure he gets good grades is already on a headstart!

Being from Barbados we have a more laid back view of on life, we have a  more “people oriented” culture, we get our satisfaction from forming lifetime bonds with friends and watching them go through the stages of life often competing (not negatively ) with them. Versus the American who is more self oriented, values money a bit more simultaneously loving to meet new people. (and this fascination to be on TV !) *jokes*

Culture can put blinders on but it all depends on what is really important to you. When it comes to some business aspects, the American culture is more suited, when it comes to social integrity then Bajan culture is your pick. The only advice I will give about this is when you experience different cultures it is good to embrace the positives to apply to your life.

Society’s blinders : Social construction of classes often negatively impact your perception on what you can achieve. It shapes your self concept subconsciously and affects your goals, it takes a really mature person to recognize this”brain-washing”. Stereotypes, agendas and basically a false perception of the world  are forced on us by the media.

Whitney Houston died, she has no relation to me or affect my life directly, she is one person and people die everyday. A colleague from home died around the same time, may your soul rest in peace Sasha. Every channel on the TV is about Whitney Houston and I end up feeling sorry for her all the while another significant party I actually knew just died that I watched grow and mature to a young lady over the years in Barbados, so “why did I put her in the back of my mind for Whitney Houston?”. This another sad and powerful  effect of the media that blinds you  on what is really important to you!

“I know you are in a better place even though I can’t see your face” R.I.P Sasha 

I understand everyone has different obstacles to overcome  whether it be financial, social or health related. Not everyone is going to be the president or a superstar on television but make sure you made the most of the opportunities that came your way and a took a “step up” from where you came from. Greatness doesn’t happen overnight, please be patient with yourself and set realistic goals.

Setting realistic goals for yourself comes after you made an effort at self-realization then you can proceed in the right directionA carpenter can’t all of a sudden quit carpentry and decide he’s is going to be a pediatrician or vice versa. They both studied and trained for years before being experts in their field. If one decides to switch then, “would he be as competent in the field?” Comparitive advantage is the key to this scenario, so please be realistic.

The next plausible move for the carpenter would be to:

  • Improve his talents
  • Market himself better to attract more clients
  • Open up a bigger workshop
  • Grow his business steadily

But it’s certainly never as easy as 1, 2, 3.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”-

Bob Marley

20 thoughts on “” Walking with ‘horse blinders’ ?”

  1. A really inspiring piece, thank you for drawing it to my attention. Cultural blinders are fascinating. I am amazed by the power of media. I try to watch awful television programmes such as ‘Take Me Out’ or ‘Made In Chelsea’ to try and grasp what on earth people find so interesting about them, and furthermore, why normal people want to be like these people who aren’t real?
    I could go on and on, but it usually turns into more of a rant of sorts.
    Thanks for sharing. It’s good to find likeminded thinkers.

  2. good work brian. its great of you to share your insight because like you opened with… many have sight but no vision.. many have thoughts but no voice..
    246 famalia

  3. Nice post. I learn something far more challenging on distinct blogs everyday. It will always be stimulating to read content off their writers and practice a little something from their store. I’d choose to use some with all the content in my small weblog whether you do not mind. Natually I’ll provide a link on your personal internet weblog. Numerous thanks sharing.

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