“Tricked or eat “

“You are your worst critic”

‘The skinny syndrome” amazes me, if your morbidly obese I could see why you are self-conscious about your weight. If it effects your daily life I can understand you trying to shed a few pounds. But if you are healthy and trying to be a diva stressing yourself out then it’s counter-productive.

Women are so diverse in their looks and it is beautiful to see, real men like real women, not what they see on TV because we know that show-business is very different from reality. Just remember you are your biggest and worst critic, you can beat yourself up for no reason. Other people don’t necessarily hold you to the superficial standards you have manifested in your head.

I like  fashion and I’ve recognized that half the clothes I purchase or flaunt is for my own satisfaction. Sometimes the clothes aren’t even necessary but I am contented, as long as I am reflecting “me” on the outside. This should show you that self confidence and content is all that matter for your own happiness.

I’m sure you have worn an ugly outfit before but all that mattered was that you liked it. The approval of others was minimum of your concern at the time. So don’t be putting yourself to the same cruel standards of what you see on TV, because believe me they are the rare out-liers!

“Have you ever came across a person you didn’t perceive as really attractive at first glance?” Then noticing how confident , well they carried themselves and interactions with others and yourself, then immediately  this person got on the radar. It happened to me countless times.

This is genuine attraction, not shallow lust that we created through the media due to the advance of commercialism. We created a emphasis on sex in the media because “sex sells”, the main reason I believe so much sex is on TV is for marketing purposes. Which tricked us in focusing too much on a “created perception of beauty”. Did you know that in the ‘The Renaissance’ pleasantly plump was the ideal body type? So there is nothing wrong with you, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and I couldn’t agree with it more.


Funny how American women were more concerned about their weight. Maybe there is some correlation with the heavy socializing and ‘worship’ of the media than other cultures I’ve come acrossed but it is just a theory.

Do you know that the camera makes you look bigger on screen than in reality?


This is one of the reason celebrities stress on looking thin but you as a normal person won’t have that problem so don’t “inherit a problem” that you shouldn’t even be bothered by in the first place.

For example I’m sure most of you have seen the MTV series  ‘Jersey Shore’, compare the 1st season to the latter seasons then you could see the drastic weight lost in “Snooki” and “JWOW”. The reason for this may be the fact they were under so much media attention that the got a different perception of themselves. Bare in mind if they thought they were “fat” initially before the 1st season they would have prepared and lost weight.

“Don’t be brainwashed to be unsatisfied with yourself”

“Insecurity is not attractive, loving yourself makes is it easier to be loved, no matter form, creed or colour “

Feel free to comment! I’m sure my P.O.V is one of many :)!

3 thoughts on ““Tricked or eat “

  1. Dope post, once again.

    I actually got a conspiracy theory about this whole weight watchers phase, but let me not blow up your post with that.

    Good to see that you got something, instead of having to say something. Consider yourself subscribed…

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