6 comments on ““Be aware of the media?”

  1. Just because some celebrities jumped on the bandwagon, now everybody and their mama is a budding activist. Ah well, for as long as there are sheep there will be shepherds, right? At least the campaign was done with good intentions, but it came off the wrong way. It’s like “Ah, so it was never good down there in Africa, if only I knew earlier”, but that’s where it ends, sadly…

    • It’s deeper than we may think. Just remember “where ever the cowboys go they set up shop.” My roommate is from Zimbabwe, he simply replied he doesn’t trust “the cowboys”.
      He actually had to walk out a class one time because a professor from Ghana was mentioning how child soldiers were in Zimbabwe, my roommate responded; “There is no child soldiers in my country why are you saying that and you know this!”(ill take his word for it, but how do i know) .The instructor replied he’s just stating from a text book and it was his job.
      *dont associate this with the uganda issue*

      I just want to show you how politics plays a role in everything, even if it challenges our integrity we still conform someway or the other. There is always some hidden incentive.

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