“What is it to be civilized?”

Leaving Toledo headed for  Pittsburgh I passed this huge casino in construction for the second time, this casino would definitely rival those in Las Vegas. The first time I passed it I thought to myself,  “Hey, the Toledo area is growing!” but this casino stood out like a ‘sore thumb’ .


Toledo is no way a tourist destination but a “sister city of Detroit”, it is no way a place where you go to spend large amounts of money gambling or to ‘win big’  this casino just did not belong . Later on the  bus ride ‘it  hit me’, “typical america”. Toledo was named one of the most miserable cities in America, then the economy took a downturn and may be picking up slowly. http://www.areavibes.com/library/10-worst-cities/

The area isn’t growing, this casino is just another business opportunity to take advantage of the people. Desperation and blind optimism then people are going to  gamble. “Where is the ethics? ”

“After taking a basic undergrad class in Statistics I would never play the lotto.”  

Then my ‘train of thought’ lead to me to remember a disgusting interview I saw on MSNBC about a major energy company. The C.E.O of the company was being interviewed and he claimed he understood that CO2 emissions was a major problem to the environment and Global Warming  was a real danger. He said when he visited the power plant and saw the air pollution directly, he immediately knew what he had to do, to conduct research on ways to lessen amount of CO2 being emitted into the air.

He seemed to totally grasp the concept that our future generations health and comfort might  be at risk. Then the interview took a drastic turn , the reporter then attacked him with the question. “So why are you then building another similar power-plant as we speak?”

The C.E.O responded with a ‘poker-face’. “My duty is to  make sure our customers get the best quality service and satisfaction.”

My mouth dropped.

When we decide to not make major decisions based on monetary gain then we can acknowledge advancement in mankind. We are no better than the Vikings pilledging towns for booty forsaking human well fare for gain. We just have better technology.

“Where are you on the pyramid?” Better question “Where is mankind on the pyramid?”

We are definitely no where at the top of the pyramid. I believe we have the means, the technology to transform the globe into  a self-sufficient community but we choose to operate on an economic system. The economic system degrades morality and true liberation. We slave away working to gain income. We kill, rob, sell our bodies for money. Invent schemes to decieve one another  fueled by selfishness just for monetary gain. The manufacturing of ‘weapons of mass destruction is another blatant  sign of this self -destructive culture mankind has created. The economic system is withholding mankind from transcending to our most creative and productive nature.

“Money is the root to all evil” 

Think about it, our most creative times are when we do our talents for fun and love. We feel most at ease when relationships and bonds are made with each other and animals. We are most passionate about a cause when it is for a greater idea rather than monetary gain. We are most contented when watching the most simple and natural occurrences of nature. Once there is such thing as an ‘economy’ every gesture, product, service, motive, and goal will be governed by it.

“One characteristic of money is scarcity, then with scarcity, breeds covet, competition, desperation, greed and selfishness. Then evil is allowed into our existence.” 

“The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.”     -Ralph Waldo Emerson”

What is it to be civilized PART 2

8 thoughts on ““What is it to be civilized?”

  1. Good analysis. However at the end of the day you’re looking at it from the view point of a civilian looking on. An economist is gonna tell you businesses are started to make money. Point blank; period. Now we would all love for them to use they’re resources to make their operations more environmentally friendly but that is time and expenses eating away at their profits. You’re looking at years of R&D & investment that would need to be invested to make things more friendly. The way I see it is this, a economic system occurs for a reason. Institutions appear everyday as they add solidity to the markets within nations. The days of barter & subsistence are long gone, these corporations, no matter how harmful they are in their operations are the driving forces within the economy and as much as we would love them to take their heads out of their gains and look at who or what is being affected as a result, “Businesses exist to make money”. No individual starts a business without an objective of making a steady flow of income. Everything else is secondary. We can bring a whole set of arguments about corporate social responsibility and whatnot but hey, profit, profit, profit. Its what the shareholders want a piece of, its what government wants a piece of.. This is the world we live in.

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