The Family, La Familia, La Famille, La Famiglia

“Family, doesn’t stop at blood”

I’ve been blessed growing up as a young man to be surrounded by good people during my time at Queen’s College and be part of a wonderful team for over 11 years and some members been there from the time I could remember. “Birds of a feather flock together” is true yes, but why is this so?” Trends happen with in these tight circles,  we subconsciously shape and influence each other. Our close friends become a part of our self image similarly to family, given this said they too become family on that basis.

Bridgetown Barbados, people
“once you pop the fun don’t stop”

Your grandparents and parents would always warn you about the company you keep and insist on inviting your friends over to meet and assess them, as wisdom comes with experience they know the powerful effect of close friendships on individuals and groups. They would always try to steer the “bad apples” away.” My father had a bold and ‘over the top method’ of getting rid of these “bad apples” or anyone he didn’t like. He met them with charmed sarcastic rudeness  that confused you on good days and other days he would mention your name between raucous, billigerent blasphemy, no exaggeration. He was the most lovable villian around.

All my close friends and who ever met my father knew this behaviour. I’ll give a brief incite, after a long morning of work from 5a.m. to noon and a long afternoon at the ‘rumshop'(bar) when it’s primetime, get ready for the primetime show. This moment after years would lead to anxiety on hearing the distinct droan of his 4×4 Ford truck pull up by the front porch. It was entertaining for familiars in the comfort zone however  rude to who ever was new and possibly the target of many colourful words.

My team is a good one and I owe a lot of my progessive power moves to them in my life. We feed off each others energy and ideas and make it applicable to good incentives. Most people won’t understand this until you were in a family like mine.

Don’t let anyone influence your life negatively for the sake of friendship. If you care about them you should have the proactive attitude to sway them in the right direction. If it’s out of your control to curb their destructive attitude, ideologies or behaviour  you may have to distant yourself. Humans are political by nature and to be a loner is stifling to your development so reaching out to better suited personalities is a good idea.

“No one wants to be alone and as your team grows you better grow with it, and if you are self-destructive you may have to sit on the bench. You weren’t left out of the squad but the team won’t let you drag them to a lost.” – A metaphor for how healthy friendships progress over a lifetime, they encourage each other to grow and if you are “screwing up” you will definitely feel the backlash. It may be from harsh words or a simple change of vibe. The “silent treatment” from a true friend is unbearable.

I’ve learned and admired key qualities in members of my team and I’ll mention a few; My younger brother’s steadiness is admirable, you never have to worry about how he’s doing, you just expect some good news. My older brother’s patience and humilty is coveted, he was never caught up in the superficial trends coming up and always knew what was really important to him.

Best Barbados catamaran cruise. Nightlife.
Jason and Kevin 🙂

My cousin Latoya’s strength and humility as well, you’ll never see her down. She is the sister I never had and yet she is the sister I always had. My next door neighbour Kenray’s  independence and sincerity is great. Often when walking through Bridgetown his name seems to be a soundtrack in my head, as every other  handful of  ladies would hail his name in acknowledgement, often always lingering the last syllable for about 5 seconds. “I guess they see it too!.”

“From menacing kids kicking a soccer ball around the tourist trying to sun-bathe. To well dressed ‘hip’ teenagers performing at talent shows and soaking up the nightlife like owls. To future experts in our fields as businessmen.”

My team is  growing!

12 thoughts on “The Family, La Familia, La Famille, La Famiglia

  1. When the Family grows ,you grow . I like the concept, that you don’t need to be blood relatives to be Family. Friends and Family are important in the development of a person character.
    Great Post Brian.

  2. This is a great post Brian and it is 100% true that you don’t need to be blood related to be considered family!

    The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.

    RICHARD BACH, Illusions

  3. Keep it going man. I read when I can; made me think of the people who I consider family man. Your blogs have really become a voice for me to look at my own life and really recognise what’s happening around me man.

  4. Good writing fam. This brings deep thoughts about everyday life and link to certain situations that happened . This one really makes me think and I can see the man growin as an individual , keep it up fam and stay focus blessings

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