“What’s love got to do with it?”

“For every great man there is a great woman.”

People don’t understand the power of healthy relationships when it comes to men and women. You can either bring each other up or tear each other down. “Have you ever seen some young couples that fight constantly?” This seems to puzzle me and I really don’t grasp the reasoning Β why this occur. You should choose someone based on their compatibility with your personality and ambitions not their availability and attractiveness.

We’ve been blinded to see lust as an attribute to a relationship. I don’t fancy women that are too bold or aggressive so therefore the probability of physical altercations or threats won’t be a problem with the lady I pursue.

The older I am becoming the more Β I look for different traits in a woman not girl and physical appearance is less of an issue. Intelligence, drive, integrity and overall a good conversationalist is necessary to keep me interested and sincere. With all these good traits then attraction is guaranteed. The lady has to stimulate my mind to win me over. ( I say no to ‘bimbos’) πŸ™‚

A master’s degree “nowadays” would definitely put you on the radar “chuckles”, who ever thought I’d think like that as a 22 year old young man. I am drawn to mature progressive people then my lady has to be the same.

The point is, the relationship ideally for you is one that is productive and uplifting not degrading or stressful.

“As I said being a businessman is a lifestyle and your lady should be a partner in your life and to be a partner you must be capable and qualified not a liability.”

This should indicate to you that both parties must bring “something to the table” to take your life in the the right direction.

“Love is a drug, when it’s too strong it alters your perception and decision making. Too little then there is no stimulation and it’s irritating since you crave more. In perfect balance you still have your head on and be satisfied hence true love.”

When choosing a lady more often than not love in the beginning is only a plus, don’t let the movies deceive you. True love tends to mature from friendship to companionship. The crazy couple going 100 miles per hour with frantic emotions burns out quickly and often ends ugly.

The key is not to rush into anything and if you feel like you are chasing someone then you probably are, that person isn’t ready to be sincere. Don’t beat yourself up about it the timing is probably wrong. Just remember people often always think to the extremes when it comes to their emotions. It’s either worst case scenario or blindly optimistic.

“Like your family and friends, your lady should be another pillar in your life to uphold your serenity.”

15 thoughts on ““What’s love got to do with it?”

  1. So sensible–a lot of people need to stop and think more like you do. Excellent, well articulated post!

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