“Always marketing your best brand?”

“Good marketing is required in most aspects of life”

I’ll mention again as I’m starting to lose count ; “Being a professional is a lifestyle!” Your marketing image starts with your name believe it or not. My mother was aware of this and gave my brothers and I good wholesome names Jason, Kevin and Brian. A name doesn’t make you the person you are but seeing “Tranqueisha Precious Walters” on an application form makes you stand out for the wrong reasons. It’s cruel how stereotypes influence our world so strongly but it’s a reality we have to live in.

If you focus on your personal image then you will see it overflow on to your everyday and work environment. My good friend Christoper King would barge into my room during the holidays and wake me around noon. “Yes noon, I wasn’t the most proactive one in the family.”  He would then start to go on as if he was my senior although the other way around.

“To start your day productive you must first tidy your room and then you can ‘think straight’.”

 Christopher King

“Stop sleeping!”.He would yell on leaving the room before sorting out some business on the computer, I always admired  his maturity and work ethic at times. Middle aged man was his nickname at only 13 years.

The point is you can’t be sloppy in your personal life and expect credibility and progress in business.

Marketing is how the public perceives your business  and every aspect from phone etiquette to the  air freshner in the office. Then you can see how it relates to you as a owner or an employee of the firm. The way you speak, your mannerisms, dress, body language, vocabulary, eye-contact, watch on your wrist,  are all part of your marketing image to employers and stakeholders of your future firm.

 That’s why human recruitment is so important in the professional world as every employee is a representation of the entire firm. That being said, young people please monitor social network profiles, employers are using them as part of their assessment for prospective employees. It amazes me today how everyone is so busy caught up in their vanity and quest to be self-made superstars. “Humility doesn’t exist anymore?” This is one of the cultural blinders we need to get away from.

Have a read :Horse Blinders

I’m currently reading a book called Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch and he defines marketing as “helping them know, like and trust you more”. This phrase reinforces that you as a person must first demonstrate desireable characteristics then business and progressive opportunities will easily follow. Everyone is guilty of sending the wrong message at times but then we must understand“when and where” Showing your six pack or skimpiest outfit on Facebook is not helping, once it goes into cyberspace those images are public and remain there forever.

My cousin’s husband asked me what was my major, I replied “Marketing” confidently. He said “What, Marketing?” This response coming from an engineer made me self-conscious. He continued, “the first thing a company does when they get into trouble is cut advertisements.” I smiled to myself as I had a one up on him as he clearly did not grasp the full concept of marketing.

 “You are your best brand.”

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