“Pursue Your Passion”

“Pursue your passion and always keep in mind where you want to be”

Your career reflects you, if you don’t love what you do, you might just end up with a J.O.B. Money should be never be a motivator. It isn’t really enough to fuel a productive, creative, fulfilling career. Once you love what you do then there is obligation to you to devote time and  energy to be an expert.

At dinner one day conversating again with colleagues Marcus Adams and Mike Calloway you should follow Mike on twitter he’s a very interesting young man and a bit beyond his years.https://twitter.com/#!/WesTruthLives

We were sharing ideas on self-betterment and advice on achieving our goals. I made the following point; sharing ideas can be so powerful.

“One of my bestfriends would always joke about buying a Range Rover, the vehicle was symbolic to reflect a position in life he desired.”

When you  have a dream never lose sight, empires take time to be built. If your goal is to be a successful entrepreneur keep it in mind, even if you have graduated from college and your first job is not your ideal profession. Don’t let that distract you, use the time and income to save and plan for when the time comes to start your business.

You should have the  right self concept to know where you stand and don’t let current circumstances shape your goals. If you are working as a waiter and your dream is to own a restaurant then keep educating yourself and save your pennies til your opportunity comes. Never beat yourself up because you’re not in the best position you would like to be.

This is why I never  judge people or class persons. It is a bit self-centered way to see the world.

When you do judge people you are making inferences based on your personal perspective that isn’t necessarily  true to the reality of the person being subjected to your  worthless analysis.Then, you are giving yourself and the person an unfair disadvantage to network as they would like.

If you focus on your strengths then you are developing your brand, as it is common knowledge every brand name out there is associated with a certain product or service. Comparative advantage is the key here, Apple won’t be more recognized for making sneakers and sports wear as Nike. Usain Bolt would always be known  as an Olympic sprinter while Mike Tyson though retired be remembered for his boxing ability. Take your talents and invest in them. If you are diligent and determined enough you will find a place in the professional world for you. True talent hardly ever goes unnoticed if you market it right. I mentioned in “Marketing your best brand” this is a very important aspect in your life.

Have a Read: Marketing Your Best Brand

I advise you to research and read books to broaden your knowledge. Try to acquire as much information about your field of study, believe me when I say that having a degree doesn’t necessarily sell your capabilities to employers. “Yes I said sell, you are a future asset to your business or company.”

“Formal education will make you a living ;self-education will make you a fortune”            -Jim Rohn

8 thoughts on ““Pursue Your Passion”

  1. I totally agree, its so sad to see people doing things they dont like or even hate, but pays well. Its also very obvious when someone loves their job. Great Post =)

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