Do people really change?

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” 

Gail Sheehy

I believe I am the same person today I was 5 years ago. The same person but with my eyes opened to who I want to be and can be. The same person but with a different perspective and ideology on life. This is the change we see in individuals. Lucky for me my change came about largely due to my study abroad experience. Environmental factors can have a profound effect on a person.

This change in ideology  is evident in a person’s behavior and goals but the characteristics of that person still remains. I’ll explain but I can only really illustrate from my personal case. Now, for me to blend in was seen to be mediocre in my eyes. My social image was very important as it fueled my ego. I was always highly passionate about my hobbies and devoted time to them. Highly optimistic about my dreams and a bit neurotic at times. I’m confident but cautious, bold but timid all at the same time. I can go 0 to 60 in no time, happy to mad then happy again.

A bit of neurosis combined with a sociable person and you got yourself an interesting character. Throw alcohol in the mix on a night out then wait til the timer goes off “chuckles” but this potentially is a negative thing and believe me I have learnt lessons for life. I heard countless times I am a memorable person, though moody at times, fun, honestly blunt and caring.

“What ever emotions I feel shows on my face no matter what, I don’t know if it is good or bad. I am very outspoken it may range from kind words to swears.”

On leaving  the college in Ohio a beautiful lebanese lady said something to me I won’t forget,  Alo Amar was her name. I would always strike up innocent conversations with her when ever we crossed paths on campus. She told me “you are gonna be famous one day, keep smirking!”  It was the first time someone linked my smirk to success. I guess it was her way of saying you’ll be alright in life. She knew after the smirk I was going to say something to make her smile when ever we chatted and she anticipated it.

When ever I get nervous or get witty I smirk, I can’t really help it. Back in the day when ever I was receiving a scolding from the principal on some mischief done Dr. Brown would get even more annoyed with me as  I’d always be smirking, this never helped the situation.

“Did I change?” I mentioned earlier that I am very sociable, image is very important and very outspoken. Marketing major and minor in mass communication, I hope you can see how the subject areas appealed to me and corresponds to my personality. In the previous post I mentioned that your career reflects you. I didn’t change only my aspirations, now my life can go in the direction it ought to.

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“I don’t change, I improve”- Desroy Reece

Couple years ago it was all about the trends, latest wear caught up in a superficial, laid back culture encouraged by the vibrant nightlife of Barbados. It is all part of maturing as a young man and I encourage those who are still lingering in this stage of life to stop being empty vessels to entertainment while promoting the  fallacy of celebritism and popularity as an attribute of progession.

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“Give me a fancy gift and I’ll smile with you, give me a book and I’ll respect you”

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