“Hobbies or Bobbies”

“Idle minds is the devil’s workshop”

If you didn’t know, the term Bobby was a nickname for a British police officer in the early 1800’s, as Barbados was a colony of Great Britain until the 1960’s then the term might be identifiable to the older Bajans.

The importance of having an occupation is an issue I would like to bring into perspective in this post. We as Bajan’s are facing a tough time with the backlash of the economic downturn in the U.S. This is not the main reason we should occupy our time with something productive but in life period–  no matter the circumstances.

The caribbean has a vibrant fete` culture and it is  known all throughout the world that we as a people love our “liming and partying and ting”. We also have a ‘block’ culture that I am fortunate as a young man to never really see the point of it or get caught up hanging around doing nothing. My mother, “bless her soul”, made sure we had everything we needed in the house. Playstations up til’ the 3rd version, computer with dial-up til’ modern day DSL and food stacked up in the cupboard as if hurricane “Janet” was coming every other week. I’ve heard stories about my grandfather surfing through the air on a sheet of galvanize from the roof as a result of  his efforts to nail down some loose material in the middle of the storm.

 However coming up as a young man though often mischievous at times, one of the main factors that made me steer clear of drug abuse and bad situations is my love for football (soccer). I want to show you the power of sport and a good hobby to your life especially as a young man in the Caribbean. I couldn’t hang out on the ‘block‘ for the simple fact I had football practice on evenings and by the time I got home all I wanted to do was fall into a “coma” in my bed. Every teenage boy’s dream is to become a professional in his sport of  choice and I was  no exception. This mindset alone kept me tied on the right path.

Brian Kirton :Freshman year 2009 prev. Queen’s College

Some known “rude boys” would be humbled and paid more respect to his football coach than possibly the police or the secondary school teachers. Their love for the sport curbed their behaviour so they would continue to participate. This is the powerful effect of sport, it induces a corresponding lifestyle for the better. I’m here in the U.S. from the love of football simultaneously going through school.  The subscription fees to any good club is worth it, if you compare it to lawyer fees because trouble came your way or the devastating worthlessness of being idle.

There is a negative attitude towards football on the island as a rowdy sport that needs to be changed, yes it is a more passionate sport than cricket so “egos and elbows” are all part of the game. Makeshift facilites in sketchy locations however  is not helping the attitude  toward the sport. Sport can open so many doors for you and I think the ideal goal for young soccer players is to try and take their  talents abroad and pursue a college playing career then the opportunity to go professional may present itself.

We have multi-million dollar resorts, polo fields, golf clubs, yatch clubs all these luxurious organizations in Barbados but not one decent public football facility. So much foreign investors “dictating the show” it’s unbelievable. We need an organization to channel some of this money into something prosperous for the youth. They need as many outlets and support that they can get.

My team:

Christopher King (Newman University) KS  prev. Queen’s College
Rommel Forde (Long Island University) NY prev. Queen’s College
Darian King (pro) prev. The Lodge School
Dimitri Grant ( Caldwell College) NJ  prev. Queen’s College

From humble beginnings, now these gentlemen’s true potential can be reached with a combination of sport, education, and ambition.

“If we neglect sport we neglect our people”    


One thought on ““Hobbies or Bobbies”

  1. This one hay soo fam. This is good writing, keep it up,stay focus and usin that gain in knowledge….Blessings fam

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