Optimism is a blessing

“Learn to forget the negative occurrences in life but never the lessons”

Worrying about the past and the “what ifs” will only magnify the negative impact these happenings have on your life. It will have an effect on your psyche and confidence then you ultimately will be the monkey wrench in your own project. Brooding brews no positive energy but only holds a gloom over your head and often urges you to take your frustrations out on a target unrelated to the source of your worries.

I am very optimistic on what the future holds for me and often smile about the people I have met and will encounter. My good friend Desroy said to me “you have a world in your head, it could be a good or bad thing”. I’m still trying to decipher the statement but others can pin point traits in you that you are oblivious to. I guess what he was trying to tell me is that when I have a plan or idea it is completely plausible or rational to me at the moment. It is easy to see how it could be a bad thing if i think negatively.  Until I execute the idea then reality shapes the course of actions on the proceedings towards the objective.

Before any good idea or goal can be made a reality it has to be assured with your own person. Pessimistic views and lack of self-confidence stifles good ideas and more often no progression. A man that has never a made a mistake is not doing anything new or learn. Have you seen passive people that never try anything out of the ordinary? They accept mediocrity because it is easy and safe. Then what irritates me the most is when they try to impose their way of thought by criticism or speaking negatively on your ambitions.

I prefer to fail than know I haven’t tried to make steps towards my goals.

Now I’m currently finishing college then picturing avenues to earn good money. In that sense there is no room for pessimism it would only be counter-productive. As we live we learn so don’t be so hard on yourself by worrying if the path is not clear at the moment. My mother always said to me “don’t worry things will always work out”. I trust myself to make the right decisions when the opportunity presents itself. I know what caliber of an individual I am therefore I am optimistic of the future. This self-worth and confidence is necessary and it is noticeable to others and even employers. If you don’t know your own worth then no other can know it for you. How are you then going to be paid appropriately?

“There are different roads to success and never mimic or relate your own to someone else; for the simple reason you are not that person.

This is why I just “do me ” and never watch people or try to be like them.

“Don’t you think cheap gossip is repulsive?” It is quite annoying to me actually, I don’t have the time to discuss someone that has no impact on my life. It’s human nature to be political. I have a very tight circle of friends and we talk about one another to one another keeping everyone up to date with everyone’s progress and mishaps. To discuss anything to anyone outside the circle is a foul and worsened if malice is intended.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

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