“Too Young?”

“Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.”
-Tom Stoppard

One the biggest challenges newly graduates have is being respected and credible in their designated fields. Some often are misjudged to be naive or just plain inexperienced. But can this be a positive in allowing new renovations and creative ideas to flow unhindered? Fresh off the starting blocks relying on instinct and hunches without the bad habits and egos of the working life might just be a good recipe.

Bill gates or Mark Zuckerberg had no time to waste sitting around waiting on seniority to approve their ideas. They had the confidence in themselves to take the initiative, now they are billionaires. You are never to young either to digest intellectual or inspirational material one of the first good books I read was “A Child called It” by Dave Pelzer when I was about 10 years of age. The book gruesomely described one of the worst cases of child abuse in America.

The young boy who suffered from the hands of his mother later grew up to be a pilot and have kids of his own. He could have easily turned out to be a drug abuser and turned to a life filled with hate. He never let his troubles dictate the direction his life should go. “If you don’t  make moves to better yourself what is your excuse?”

I tried my luck at an unpaid internship one time, learning some extra skills in my free time was what I was aiming for. Little did I know “intern” to this new business owner just meant some extra hands around the office. “Am I the only person who hates to be given instructions with no input of my own will?” The owner got annoyed when I questioned some marketing methods, sometimes I can be honestly blunt. If you are not open to accept constructive criticism then you have a long way to go. I personally feel something is wrong when I don’t get criticized as there is always room for improvement.

My youth is an advantage, no wife, no dependents, all I need is a suitcase. Then I am off chasing my career not a J.O.B. I could end up anywhere in the world if I choose. “Now tell me what am I too young for?”

“The arrogance of age must submit to be taught by youth.”
-Edmund Burke

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