“Ladies this one is for you”

“Don’t let guys be your kryptonite.” 

I told that to a young lady few months ago as I was leaving the college as I hate to say goodbye but I always part with “see you later” or “we’ll meet again.” I believe in these times if you really care for someone then they will stay in your life with a little effort and not much thought.

I admire intelligence and confidence in a woman. I wonder what is the best way to show young women they can excercise these characteristics without feeling the need to exaggerate their efforts or be defensive when interacting with assertive males. Most intelligent men respond to impressive abilities, male or female as long as the delivery and context is appropriate.

Women are culturally taught to be submissive to dominant males in their personal lives but the concern is when they stifle themselves to fit the role especially if the man is not as competent.

“The issue arises when the woman sits in the passenger seat knowing that the driver’s abilities are mediocre in comparison to her’s.”

I don’t see the ethical base of this behavior to simply fuel the male ego.

A successful businessman and a money advisor Dave Ramsey mentioned the importance of a good lady in your life. Believe it or not before making major corporate deals he would take it home first to the dinner table to ask his wife for her opinion. I couldn’t believe how he could hang millions over the word of his wife before those of his colleagues. This scenario shows the importance of having a competent woman by your side.

I grew up with two brothers and was heavily involved in sports in my adolescent years, talking about girls with the guys in the locker room still meant I didn’t have a clue about women. There was never an inside scoop “chuckles”. I always got along with older women by a couple years though, straight talk and good conversation was the recipe for attraction. I’ve learnt sensitivity doesn’t mean gay, to be respectful isn’t less macho but a genuine approach is the key to attract a lady worth your time. If she doesn’t respond to a genuine approach then she has probably got some growing up to do, you definitely do not want her to drag you down.

I want intelligent ladies to know their self worth and never settle for a destructive relationship, just remember your partner should be someone to take your life  in the right direction. I find it very intriguing when relationships are not going well it always reflects on the woman’s appearance.

“The emotions of a woman is deeply a part of her physical and mental well being. Her love is phenomenal and creates a contagious ambience where ever she goes.”

To my beautiful friends I admire you all:



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