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A Journey Of Learning--Life

“He grows daily more capable of following any inspiration without technical effort, and also of letting inspiration come to him through meticulous observation.”-
Eugen Herrigel

Port.St charles, Barbados

Here I am enjoying my tropical paradise of a home, relaxing on the beach in”Port St.Charles”  with my two of my bestfriends Desroy,!/Musiqdes , Romel!/RomelSE, their girlfriends and my ex- girlfriend.

We all were contented, happy in the moment with our make-shift picnic consisting of K.F.C and a few beers! We literally were right by those coconut trees by the rocks in the image enjoying the simple but cheap pleasures of life, sharing jokes and basically being care free teenagers.

Every once in a while we would imagine life in the villas right by the beach, and humourously calculated our only way at a peek at those multi-million USD luxurious properties would to be hired to “house-keep” in other words to be paid…

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