“The 10 Mind Stimuli”

  1. The desire for sex expression
  2. Love
  3. A burning desire for fame, power, financial gain, money
  4. Music
  5. Friendship between either those of the same sex or those of the opposite sex
  6. A Master Mind alliance based upon the harmony of two or more people who ally themselves for spiritual or temporal advancement
  7. Mutual suffering, such as that experienced by people who are persecuted
  8. Autosuggestion
  9. Fear
  10. Narcotics and alcohol

Credited to Napoleon Hill

The last two are destructive. 

Successful people have learnt to channel the energy created from these stumuli to reach their Infinite Intelligence. These stimulants help the individual to rise above the horizon of ordinary thought. This is what separates the average mind from genius, the ability to willfully access this powerful part of the mind.

Great minds often don’t reach their full potential until tragedy or “a wake up call” came their way.

What is your wake up call?”

Motivational clip :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAeha727ZWI

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