“Networking and Social Integrity”

“Say what you mean, mean what you say and above all, be sincere with gestures”

Living away from your close friends and family allows you to realize the importance of certain key qualities in individuals. It works the other way around too, you also observe the bad qualities that you were blind to before. Integrity is a very admirable trait and it reflects maturity. “Have you ever seen those people that are influenced by others so easily? Have you witness those who are passive to a culprits negative habits? This I don’t understand as being passive is a choice that may encourage undesirable consequences.

I ‘call’ it how I see it, sometimes my honest opinion or observation doesn’t sit well with certain people even if the timing and warrant is necessary. If you aren’t prepared to hear the truth, different perspectives or open to constructive criticism you have a long way to go in your development. I recently read a book by Cathy Truett the founder of Chik-fil-A and years later a billion dollar estate, he mentioned that to simply improve his product he asked customers what they wanted and how he can improve his services and product. His aim was to gather what they did not like, that way he knew he was taking steps forward to his ideal product.

Generosity is such a key quality, I can’t understand selfish people and just like a puzzle you can’t fix you often push it far away at the back of the closet. Dave Ramsey a multi-millionaire mentioned, “if you want $5, give away $5.” Sponsorship is such a big part of public relations in major companies because in the business world the executives understand the importance and strength of giving.

I’ve realized it’s ignorant to limit yourself with whom you interact with because of miniscule differences such as race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or culture. Intelligent, educated persons are tolerant and know that quality information and incite can come from ‘unlikely’ persons.

Don’t underestimate people, never be deceitful or ‘half-hearted’, nothing ever goes unnoticed and before you know it your reputation has been tainted by your actions. Don’t be fooled “business is personal”. You may be the most talented and hardest worker but if you are not trustworthy and likeable few will work with you. “Friends and business do go together!”

If you want to be a good computer technician, hang around good computer technicians. If you want to be successful hang around successful people. Don’t feel bad if you outgrow old acquaintances if they can’t help you get to another ‘stepping stone’. Still be cordial and respectful but you don’t owe your time to anyone. “What got you here, won’t get you there!”

Keep in mind to help someone efficiently you must first help yourself. When you’re on a commercial plane, the air hostess instructs you if there is any change in cabin pressure make sure you put your oxygen mask on first then assist your neighbor.  I didn’t fully grasp this until recently, believe it or not, I presumed it to be cold expectations. I always thought it was natural instinct for a mother to place her mask on her child first. It is natural instinct, but if we rely solely on instincts in this world we almost forfeit a bit of rationality.”

It is very interesting that the characteristics that the successful millionaires I’ve looked into shared were: integrity, generosity, spirituality, patience, applied faith in their plans and being able to stay focused during adversary.

They aren’t super human or had some complex formula to achieve their goals but just practiced these virtues. The world is run by “C students” they said, I guess maybe because they believed in the few ideas they had and followed through to execute. Or maybe “they made learning rather than knowing a habit.”

“Networking is an essential part of building wealth.”

Armstrong Williams

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