Philanthropy makes the world go round!

“Never respect men merely for their riches, but rather for their philanthropy; we do not value the sun for its height, but for its use.”

-Gamaliel Baily

What do I have  to offer the world? How can I help? How can I change it for the better? These are questions you must ask yourself. What is it that you love doing that makes you a superstar?. They say money is the shadow of love, never be discouraged to do what you love to do because money will follow close behind.

Climbing the ladder in this world never let your salary dictate how you work. If you work as though you are receiving $15 per hour you will always work for that amount. Make it a habit of going the extra mile. Hard work is often rewarded directly and indirectly.

 “Help others and you help yourself”

It is true that good business needs to have a profit to endure and flourish. Money should never be your only compensation but a desireable result or “icing on the cake”. Entering an industry for the sole reason you see lucrative profits often is the downfall of some businessman for the simple reason you may not have the expertise and love to transmute into success. Most self-made millionaires after they thought up their business concept often add a “why” behind it to fuel the idea even more.

For example, TOMS shoes reason for existing is a result of a young man Blake Myscoskie and his team visiting the impoverished areas of Argentina and observing how many of the children had no shoes. “How can I help?” He started his own shoe manufacturing company. “Why?” To put a pair of shoes on a child’s feet for every pair sold. He saw a way he can help and started  business accordingly. Monetary gain wasn’t the only spark of his ingenuity but a byproduct.

Bajan people need a bit more consciousness, we have a very laid back culture drowning in a ‘tight knit’ community where social acceptance and image is almost more important than the reality in our personal lives. I am marvelled everytime I pass a property where the luxury car  parked outside is worth more than the house.

 “I wish when I was a youngster growing up, there was someone I could relate to in my age range, to offer advice and a bit of incite. Your adolescent years don’t define you but be very careful they can ‘make or break you.  The best role model is the player rather than the coach. It is so easy to sit and say what should be done than to do– this is the challenge for many.

“The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation.”

-Miriam Beard

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