The abyss of failure by overindulgence.

“The proximity of a desirable thing tempts one to overindulgence. On that path lies danger.”
-Frank Herbert

“Have you ever seen those underachiever’s that could’ve been really successful if it wasn’t for that one bad habit?” When do we recognize our vulnerability to overindulgence before we fall into the abyss of failure. Failure is a mindset but we can torture our mind into accepting it as a permanent state. Destructive habits will lead any great mind down this road when it is damaged.

Carnegie and Napoleon hill warned us that overindulgence was the fault of many great men. Alcohol, drugs and the need for sex expression play a role in the lives of many in this modern world but we should take heed on the signs to slow down. I’ve witnessed alcoholic maniacs, doped out psychotic shell of human beings and lonely womanizers that were once good people.

I promised myself to never abuse drugs and watch the bottle. To be another sad story that will be passed on generations in the family is worst than sudden death in my eyes. To have potential but succumb to overindulgence is an unforgivable sin. I’m sorry if my words seem harsh but I lived through the aftermath of such circumstances. It’s frustrating to think of an alternate reality if things were how they should’ve been. To logically calculate what went wrong will distress any mind, because there is no sane logic. Overindulgence is the result of sickness to the mind. For every failure there is success, I pray my brothers and I will never make the mistakes of the older generation.

The need for sex expression is a powerful stimuli. Some men gauge there masculinity on permiscuity and multiple partners. Mike Tyson was one the greatest athletes of all time, imagine how different his career would have been if he didn’t get caught up with different women. Sex transmutation is a spiritual phenomenon, a male’s creativity stems from his prostate gland so preserve it’s energy. Every organ in the body plays a role in the mind and soul. To be honest, sex without love is as empty as masturbation. Most men only encourage this chase to conquer as many women as possible to fuel their ego, others may have deep rooted insecurities or issues.

The abyss of failure will probably prompt you to retreat to the very source of your deviation from success. Guilt and regret will haunt you and the looks of pity from strangers accompanied by the disgust from loved ones who knew your potential will provoke insanity to win.

“Bad habits would eventually be the trojan horse that you allowed into your life.”

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