Embrace the bad

Embrace every tear, every mistake, every mishap, every undesired situation. 

What ever is your must is in life will be your reality. It is so easy to play the victim,  give up and accept what life has thrown at you. I’m sure when I say -no one’s life is perfect. Success is interpretive -what floats your boat may not make another contented. Don’t compete with others but make sure you fill the holes in your heart.

Embrace the negatives and channel the energy to persue your endeavours. Life is never perfect, I just try to carry on with grace learning from past experiences. Regret is the epitome of  a demon. It will cause stress when encouraged constantly to enter the mind polluting positive thoughts. “Everything happens for a reason”. This  may seem to be a cliche` expression but it works wonders when trying conquer the demon called regret. I believe that our experiences in life shapes our character, ideas and we are victims, products of our environment and past. Change anything and we would be a different person. Understand our pursuit of happiness and what we regard as success is not general but relfects the must in our lives.

To want is different than a must, the latter has a spiritual movement that has an unrivaled energy that allows us to call on our infinite intelligence that guides us. Wants can change and are tied to our temperament.

I try to convince myself for every negative that happens in my life a positive will follow. If you stay conscious of the signs you will find your moment. Success has it’s price, even for children that were born with a “silver spoon” in their mouth. They are often oblivious to the pressures their parents persevered. I never covet or envy people who seem to do well or be better off because at the end of the day I have no clue what that person experienced in life or whose “wings they are flying on”.

I’ve made up my mind to not let the opinion of others to influence the quality of life I live. If I decide to do something then it is worth the time and the right thing to do. This might seem  delusional but reality is selfish, your reality is only your own. When you look back on life, the only thing that make you smile are your own memories. The perspective of others matters little to none.

Trauma renders  people stupid if they allow it to play on the mind with constant bombardment. We can beat ourselves up so easily without realizing it; have the strength to  rebound with aggression. Fight the inertia taking your life in the wrong direction, take command and make your will power be the driving force in your life.

“To willfully transmute the energy caused from adversity may be a feat for most but this is where great characters are forged.” 

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