“Escape from the mirages of the day”

“Everyone has a secret place”

This is a place where the opinion and the ego’s of others is worth nothing, a place where you meditate about the future and make attempts at self realization. If you ever find this place in your mind, saviour it and embrace it’s power. Some people can’t find this place, from it stems creativity, integrity and the infinite intelligence. Most people don’t stop to think and actually hear their thoughts. They constantly occupy their brain with the next agenda and plan drifting away from their definite purpose in life.

Your thoughts reflect your worth, so treasure them. A pretty face is nothing without wit, a man is as attractive as the words he speaks. Intellect is a key quality I value in anyone. I find the media dangerous to the youth, what we see as  successful is often the most marketable careers and professions. Flamboyance, extravagance and excessive flaunting seem to go with the territory. This gives us a misconception of what success in our personal lives should be. It is definitely not interpreted by the public eye.

What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question stumped me as a child and up to adolescent years in my life, still to this day life hasn’t shown me a clear path. It’s funny how some children blurt out all sorts of dream careers until their teens. The brain is still maturing in adolescence, in this stage of development social acceptance plays a big role in our lives. Then we try to mimic what we see on TV and give into subliminal cultural norms. It governs what we view as cool and put certain careers on a pedestal. “What is more socially accepted than celebritism or a suit and tie job?”

To be different is remarkable, only a select few has what it takes to reach brilliance in their endeavours. Use it to your advantage.

To be another sheep is a waste of talent, I believe everyone has a talent but society encourages a culture where people aim for professions that are glamourized or believed to be successful. They often ignore their ability to be cohersed into other ideologies. Gazing upwards on a summer night with some rum on ice in the left hand and a cigarette in the right, giving into guilty pleasures. I looked up at the sky meditating, while the clouds steadily made their way across the heavens and the stars were like a still army gaurding the full moon. It made me realize they are so many perspectives to life; we are often busy Micro-managing day to day activities and never give time to count our blessings. We could be gone tomorrow–our existence is so fragile. People would mourn for a week while for others no one would care.

To occupy our time with people we don’t like, with tasks we don’t care for, to speak words we don’t mean is contrary to a meaningful existence. Find your definite purpose and execute, don’t waste time. Money follows love and your personality shapes your career. When work is work, then you know something is wrong.

I want to wake up every morning and know that I have the power to encourage, influence and stimulate the lives of others positively.

I recently discovered the therapeautic nature of writing. It’s a hobby for now but it may turn into a stream of income.

“What is a good writer?”

 –“I’m not quite sure, I guess sharing perspectives and the ideas it provokes makes it powerful.”

“What do you want to be after college?”



-To be paid for my thoughts, to share incite that others are afraid to or overlook. Honesty is everything. To have a voice is more powerful than any weapon.

Oh, really Brian? I would’ve never guessed you felt that way. You always look like you are thinking about something, I was just curious about what was going on up there.”

A beautiful individual

“What is important to you?”

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