The ascent to greatness has no safety net.

“Things done well and with a care, exempt themselves from fear.”
-William Shakespeare

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first successful ascent of Mt. Everest. Although many lost their lives in attempt to conquer this mountain, the duo still executed their plans to be the first recorded climbers of Mt. Everest. If they allowed the thought of possible death to hinder their great feat, their names would have been unknown to the world.

The Spartans  welcomed death on the battlefield as a glorious happening as their names would live forever but to run in fear will mean a life lived in shame for the remainder. To succumb to fear is a shameful thing, cowardice is not productive but stifling in every aspect to progression.

“You should reach the limits of virtue, before you cross the border of death.”

-Ancient Spartan Quote

Life in those times were a bit different but the concepts can be applied to our lives in today’s time. The well being of their communities depended on soldiers and any able bodied person, Sparta was as strong as the men and women who occupied the city’s walls. Their secret and strongest arsenal was their fearless ideology.

If we allow fear and second guesses to constantly complicate our dreams, we leave our futures as vulnerable to outside factors and influences as a kingdom with no army.

I am starting my ascent in the professional world with my will power and my intellect as my climbing gear, the comradery of a few good souls to keep my serenity and the love of my family to keep reckless behavior at bay.There is a surrealism we must reach in our minds, where we detach ourselves from irrelevant events and occurrences that has no direct advantage to what we need to do. This is when we are truly relaxed and wisdom is seen clearly.

This focus brings about

: Autosuggestion

“Have you ever seen someone so focused and caught up in their thoughts- you asked them a trivial question, they responded nonchalantly. Their essence discouraged you to entertain with banter, you felt foolish to have bothered with little ideas?. The wise would come to realization, as they too should be occupying themselves with a masterplan.”

A bit of delusion isn’t negative, though the word is defined as a false illusion. To see things outside the box and differently just might be the factor that puts you a step in front of your peers. Remember perception holds limited truth but to that of the person, you may see opportune moments that others overlook. We make a habit of viewing the world as more pernicious than it should be, always settling for what is safe and comfortable or “the smart thing to do.” We have enchanted success, to be something supernatural, simultaneously allowing the fear of failure to diminish the probability of a win.

“Those who say they can and can’t are probably right.”


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