I heard a story…

A youngman in his early 20’s felt defeated after a long day at the office. He walked on the street toward a coffee shop while loosening his tie and let out a “sigh”. He  wondered how bright of a  future he would have and if his vision for success might have been a delusion. He began to drag his feet as his thoughts weighed him down, then out of the corner his eye he sees a clean cut middle-aged man consumed in his thoughts smoking a cigarette while leaning on a brand new sports car.

He approached the “spiffy” gentleman in an effort to “bum” a smoke but more deliberately to inquire about his profession and why there was a surrealism about his demeanor–  free of worries  and stress that usually plagued professionals.

“Good day sir, may  I join you for a smoke?” He asked.

“Sure son, nothing like a good smoke before a coffee.”  The guru retorted.

“I couldn’t help but notice this car, you must be the owner the way your resting on it.” The young man gave a witty remark.

“This is the one I take out every now and then to drive downtown to grab the attention of mediocre souls.” The guru winked to reaffirm his teasing.

“Well you sure got my attention. How do I become successful like you? How do you make your money?” He pleaded as the guru’s teasing struck a nerve.

“Son, it’s not about how, it is about if you have what it takes to become successful! ” The guru looked the young man in the face with a stone cold expression as if  he was annoyed by the question. After a brief moment of awkwardness the guru’s relaxed his temperament. The young man, doe-eyed was consumed in introspection contemplating if in fact he asked a stupid question.

“Okay son, I’ll share my secret if you meet me at the beach at 4.a.m tomorrow morning.”

“4 a.m— beach?” He confusingly asked. This is going to be good he thought, must be a master secret.

The next morning the young man staggered out of bed and muttered miserably to himself; he could’nt believe he actually agreed to such an arrangment. As he walked cautiously on the beach searching for the guru’s figure in the darkness while he called out to him, he felt a touch on his shoulder. It startled him briefly– it was the guru.

“Okay my friend I’m ready to tell you my secret after a quick dip in the water if you don’t mind.”  A hint of deception could be sensed but the young man ignored his intuition–the secret to success was worth risking it all.

The two men proceeded to the water, not exchanging much words at this time. The guru walked several paces ahead until the water level reached his upper-chest. The young man however was shorter, the water-level quickly made him nervous.

“I’m going back! Why do you insist on soaking this far out?” He complained  as he turned in retreat to the shore.

Without warning the guru viciously grabbed the young man by the shoulders and held him under water the second he turned his back. The struggle began, the young man kicked and punched in panic. He tried desperately to “gouch” the eyes  of the guru while his lungs rose to his throat and his muscles almost spent. The guru’s gripped still not yeilding but holding firm–he had gone mad.

In the last moment the young man’s body made one last adrenaline induced maneuver out of shear desperation. The guru anticipated this move and freed his grip. He helped the young man back to the shore. The young man weak and gasping for air threw a punch at the guru but missed–his coordination was sub par at this time.

“What the f-ck was that?” He violently exclaimed while clutching his stomach.

The guru in all his calmness and element simply said. “The desperate urge you had to take your last breath to live; that is the same feeling you must have to succeed –the secret.You must rise above when your body says it’s over. Never accept circumstances that are stacked against you and above all you must sacrifice—Good luck.”

The guru turned, walked away then got on his bike and rode….

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