How we feel about ourselves projects on our perception of others…

Finding peace at heart is the first step at personal growth. No one has a perfect life, regret, worry and disappointment are healthy responses to a person who is striving and calculating their next move in this world.  A joyful and cheery temperament is sometimes difficult to maintain the majority of the time. We don’t have to be “happygolucky” 24/7  but brooding negative thoughts are more damaging to the psyche than we realize.

Insecurities often stresses relationships; it often manifests itself in an individual’s personality as exaggerated emotional tendencies. Possessiveness, jealousy, envy, vindictiveness are all outlets of insecurity. One must face the faults in his character or reason with influencing factors, listen to the others in order to take time out for introspection and some “soul searching.” It is necessary to understand the roots and causes of some negative characteristics of your personality.

A  person who is flawed/ not happy with themselves will see the projection in others and their actions– example of theory;

  • thieves have a constant fear of being the victim of theft
  • liars never believe the spoken word
  • unfaithful lovers never trust their partners
  • “Rolling stones”  have issues with commitment and often don’t understand the satisfaction of monogamy
  • a person with a low esteem is always anticipating the role of a victim
  • Naive good- hearted people often overlook the deceptive characteristics in others
  • Depressed people only tune in and often exaggerate the negative
  • Happy people share a dose of optimism and see the good in situations

Others sense  the vibrations according to the present temperament; the signs are intuitively communicated through body language, tone of voice and even the way sentences are worded– all indicators.  Cheery people always seem to lift spirits while downers have the opposite effect.  Take time out to study the way people react towards you to grasp a firm understanding  of the energy that is being released from your person. It is possible you may just discover characteristics that may have been holding you back  from maturing completely in interpersonal relationships–there is always room for improvement.


While I conversed with a lady I came to a realization; she was attractive in her appearance and mind– blessed and cursed. The past few years of her life was a blur, a troubled harlet but now she was enrolled in college and always flaunting a charming smile. I revealed some of my life frustrations to her, nothing to be worried about really she thought as we came from two different worlds. It couldn’t compare to what she had been through, she simply smiled and tried her best to be sympathetic as I told my life crisis but frivolous in her eyes as there was no life threatening danger involved.

“Why are you stressing…..regret is stupid…don’t take life so serious you gotta relax sometimes! God is good” –the only thing that got her through rehab she confessed. My tongue got heavy and only a smile crept on my face, we shared a laugh while she steered the car with her knees in an attempt to lighten the mood.

She was happy to lead a healthy life while my armageddon was dawning as I searched  impatiently for a start to my career.

Things are only as bad as we believe them to be.

The philosophy of the wisest man that ever existed, is mainly derived from the act of introspection.                                              -William Godwin

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