Law of Attraction

Every person has a “pull” force; the center of this force is the mind. We send signals to the universe with thoughts and words– prayers, wishes, complements and swears all have an influencing power on our lives. “I knew this was going to happen!” might be a familiar expression when we expected some news.

Have you ever noticed that when you are happy, joyful and cheery the world around you seem to move favorably? Opportunities seem to pop out that may have been overlooked all the while life seems to be a fun ride. A sense of ingenuity and confidence dictates the day and everything just seems to fall into place.

On the other hand when a person sits in a “funk” life almost seems to stand still. No new faces cross their path that may offer a window to the next chapter–monotony and isolation depresses the day. Sadness and negativity doesn’t shake the world like optimism and genuine happiness.

If our mind is the center of our world that constantly communicates signals to others then no one can truly control your happiness and temperament. We should never chase relationships but attract the kind we wish to embrace. Worrying about not having a certain type  of car, job, wife or husband will only repel it further away from you.

If the dream job, car, wife or husband is not available, then the timing is probably wrong. Desperation and impatience makes a person vulnerable to the negatives in the world. A forced relationship is almost never satisfying. Soul searching is sometimes necessary to evaluate if the object of our desires is actually beneficial to happiness. Then with much thought, visualize the person or career and accept it into existence as if it is the present.

“You will meet someone when you least expect it” or you might just stumble on a career opportunity that may brighten your whole future on the way to visit an old friend or family member. Anyone who has experienced genuine friendships and love interests know it was an unforced happening as  both parties gravitated toward one another.  Sometimes the most prosperous opportunities or people fall into your life while you were busy “living” not dwelling.

Live, concentrate on dreams and the purpose of  your life and whatever is for you will be for you….

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