Asking All Them Questions: What Do You Strive For?

Live Hard Love Hard

On the quietest moonlit night pull me close and tell me your life desires in hushed tones.

Turn me on with whispers of your dreams.

What are they?

What pushes you?

What seduces you?

Tell me your driving force. Tell me what turns you into a force to be reckoned with.

The desire that keeps you coming?

The outcome that keeps you moving forward?

What makes you jump out of bed? Puts you to sleep with a smile played across your face?

Tell me.

What do you work towards?

Is it a dream worthy of you? Built on love and growth? Or stagnating lies?

What do you strive for?

What question have you spent a lifetime trying to answer?

“How can I be of service?” or “Will I be good enough?”

What pulls you into a heated frenzy? Sends you into waves of palpable passion?

Tell me.

I can’t…

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