The wise man and Her

He wished  her essence to reality as thought to a lyric– a story dramatized by a unique city and poetry. Dry cry, vapor tears on her cheeks–scars. He sees a wingless angel burdened by the weight of the past. A knight in shining armor never comes to her rescue–a lost damsel. Bandits only search for the bounty of love and the spoils of courtship camouflaged under a  mist of  uncertainty–seduction. Her beauty brings tranquility that saves his sanity. A delightful complement but not quite the remedy– the wise are often lonely. Hours to minutes, frowns to smiles–a mild high. Intoxicating lips and a touch never forgotten– a dose of emotion. Everyone fights but only the brave love– a battle not to be won. [] angel 137827 Blessed and cursed with beauty as every mirror in her possession is broken; never reflecting the true jewel within. A jezebel growing to a queen, the wise man understands her adoration is his to steal– another bandit yet a hero. Bleached sins and loud steps betrays confidence to vulnerability–blonde vanity. Intellect and sex appeal is her arsenal; a duo crippling masculine ego. Womanly provocative yet innocently youthful; this queen shuns love to save her kingdom–victim of a Trojan horse. A proposition for Philia; confused she returns to the site of a tragedy–broken heart.  Wisdom and warmth meets experience and coldness. Romance is followed closely by turbulence, it is paired with the heavens of  appreciation and the hell of neglect. The cure to her heart is unsure, the elixir is only found with the  courage to fall again.

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