Fear of one’s true self

My bad habits aren’t my title, my strengths and talents are my title

–Layne Staley

Each person’s has a unique story, situation , circumstance, belief, attitude and intellect. Hence we can safely say a person’s road in life is different. Life is not a race, never compare one’s self with others as you can never be truly reflected in their image. It is pointless.

“You may be reluctant to investigate your strengths quite simply because you don’t believe that your true self is much to write home about. Whatever the label– a feeling of inadequacy or “imposter syndrome” or plain old insecurity– the symptoms are familiar. Despite your achievements, you wonder whether you are as talented as everyone thinks you are. You suspect that luck and circumstances, not your strengths, might explain much of your success. The anxious little voice in your ear whispers, “When will you be found out?” and, against your better judgement, you listen.

In part this explains why, when asked to describe their strengths, people rarely refer to their natural talents. Instead, they talk about external things that they have gathered during their life, such as certificates and diplomas, experiences and awards. Here is the “proof” that they have improved themselves, that have something valuable to offer.

We don’t mean to imply that this fear is entirely negative. After all, the flip side of insecurity is complacency. We do want to remind you, however, that if you stop investigating yourself for fear of how little you might find, you will miss the wonder your strengths.  We say “remind” because so many of us take our strengths for granted. We live with them everyday and they come so easily to us that they cease to be precious. Like the New Yorker who no longer hears the sirens and the horns, we are so close to our strengths that we don’t see them anymore.”

 Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D

Have you ever been complimented  sincerely on a project you completed or a specific ability? Following this compliment did you ever blush uncontrollably or even have a moving sense of satisfaction or reassurance? If you do this “specific” activity to just put you in better mood or get things back on track mentally it might just be one of your strengths or talents. They aren’t many clear indicators, but mostly intuitive in nature.

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