Body language Prt.1

A good stance and posture reflect a good state of mind.

-Morihei Ueshiba

I’m in back in my hometown/ country Barbados, I must admit life here has transitioned to an almost mundane creep. Life here in Barbados is much more relaxing and there is less pressure to work your hands to the bone. No more working two jobs  trying knock off rent and other college expenses. The climb up the corporate ladder was the only option I cared to recognized at the time. Activity doesn’t add value to a day’s fulfillment here; I remember I used to make a to-do list every morning between networking programs, editing the school’s newsletter, research papers  and my part-time sales job door-knocking.

It’s now quite a blessing to drive 5 minutes to a beach and sit around in the water doing nothing for a couple hours while drinking a few beers. The thought of tomorrow could come if she chooses– no worries. A different philosophy on life the Caribbean culture  has to offer. Enjoy the downtime and simple things in life, I must admit my busy days are a blur because  I never really lived in the present, part of me was constantly  planning  for the next move –disconnected.

I sometimes caught myself walking at a pace that was deemed “suspicious” because there was too much urgency. My brain was still conditioned to be busy and in a constant state of “crisis” to complete a task on my check-list. The humor in this was there was no check-list, I was just on the way to the barber. How I felt was directly linked to my body and was transposed to the pace of walking. Constantly I would check my emails and social media networks anticipating some information from a previous job interview. I was anxious to plan for the next opportunity and my fingers couldn’t keep still. Insomnia soon reared it’s ugly head; when your so used to having a high energy compact day there must be a release of energy in activity of some sort but instead my mind raced anxiously.

The body and mind are one. The key point I want to share is; the mind affects the body just as much as the body affects the mind.

Amy Cuddy speaks: 

Your Body Language shapes who you are!

  • Posture – A simple and effective trigger to the mind

— Take two minutes out of your day to practice a confident, commanding posture. One that is associated to be of a C.E.O to a  fortune 500 company or  generally a successful, confident person. Sit or stand in this posture for  two minutes or more and imagine you are as you are acting. Immediately after compare how feel you after this “trick” to before you engaged in the meditation.

"Fake it til you become it"
“Fake it til you become it”

As we assume different roles in life it sparks changes in the brain. The roles govern the behavior and subsequently the mind and quite marvelously it works in reverse. We can change our behaviors to change our lives. Be the wall-street broker, the well respected intellectual or even the sociable life of the party. It will be reflected in everyday life one way or the other.

Each person is a constant evolving being.

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