A King’s reign is never forever. Thieves often splurge their bounty or lose hands Beauty is always temporary but never seen in a mirror A balance of energy this world demands Only one thing is certain, endure the seasons Appreciate every moment for its worth A collage of memory is the reason, We chase, we […]

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Body language Prt.1

A good stance and posture reflect a good state of mind. -Morihei Ueshiba I’m in back in my hometown/ country Barbados, I must admit life here has transitioned to an almost mundane creep. Life here in Barbados is much more relaxing and there is less pressure to work your hands to the bone. No more […]

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Fear of one’s true self

My bad habits aren’t my title, my strengths and talents are my title –Layne Staley Each person’s has a unique story, situation , circumstance, belief, attitude and intellect. Hence we can safely say a person’s road in life is different. Life is not a race, never compare one’s self with others as you can never […]

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The wise man and Her

He wished  her essence to reality as thought to a lyric– a story dramatized by a unique city and poetry. Dry cry, vapor tears on her cheeks–scars. He sees a wingless angel burdened by the weight of the past. A knight in shining armor never comes to her rescue–a lost damsel. Bandits only search for […]

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Law of Attraction

Every person has a “pull” force; the center of this force is the mind. We send signals to the universe with thoughts and words– prayers, wishes, complements and swears all have an influencing power on our lives. “I knew this was going to happen!” might be a familiar expression when we expected some news. Have […]

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How we feel about ourselves projects on our perception of others… Finding peace at heart is the first step at personal growth. No one has a perfect life, regret, worry and disappointment are healthy responses to a person who is striving and calculating their next move in this world.  A joyful and cheery temperament is […]

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