“Pursuit of Happiness”

Happiness depends upon ourselves. 

They say before a man dies his life flashes before his eyes. This may be a phenomenal happening but I don’t know if I would appreciate to be reminded of the bad occurrences as well. What makes a complete life? Is it wealth, stress free living, good health, knowledge? I’ll have to say it’s probably a bit of everything to reach self actualization.

 My flash however would probably be a panoramic drag image of every genuine smile I’ve ever encountered and behind the eyes will be the story I already know. After all you smile with your eyes and not mouth.

 Embrace genuine connections with people it will definitely amplify the quality of your life. It’s extraordinary  how the ego diminishes in times of despair. Race, wealth, gender, religion, intelligence are minor to zero when life is threatened. Why is it that it matters so much in day to day life, but it is useless in the definition of ‘happiness’. These characteristics just makes it easier for us to distinguish, segregate, class and ultimately compete with ourselves.

 Respect is such a powerful condition. Mutual respect for others is a must but to be respected for brilliance or outstanding philanthropy is coveted ground for many competent people. I wonder what a dilemma it must be to have a billion dollars but no one cares or recognizes your wealth but just simply detest you as an individual. Or to be flat broke but respected by many, money can’t buy happiness but it is necessary.

 Happiness and success are subjective, just be true to yourself. Respect is one condition I hold very high even higher than love or wealth. Without respect relationships will be strained and destroyed. Love is volatile and should be treated carefully, particularly the love of a woman. It’s a powerful emotion, it has wonders but can prompt men to be fools. It is unpredictable when the timing is off then it is often accompanied by insecurity which induces jealousy and all sorts of madness. I see it as an experience and you allow it to touch your heart stimulating the mind until it expires.

“Everytime love reaches you it enriches your soul leaving a bit of magic behind and lies docile awaiting for the next opportune moment.”

 Selective detachment is where true wisdom lies I believe. Often when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, factors and circumstances seem trivial or easier comprehended. Try it sometimes you’ll be a bit calmer in life but it’s definitely easier said than done.

“What ever you do reflects the must in your life and ultimately the pursuit of happiness.”

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